Speech Therapy

Speech and language therapy is defined as therapy services, including diagnostic evaluation and therapeutic intervention, that are designed to improve, develop, correct, rehabilitate, or prevent the worsening of speech/language communication and swallowing disorders that have been lost, impaired, or reduced as a result of acute or chronic medical conditions, congenital anomalies, or injuries. Speech and language disorders are those that affect articulation of speech, sounds, fluency, voice, swallowing (regardless of the presence of a communication disability), and those that impair comprehension, or spoken, written, or other symbol systems used for communication.

In our Clinic, We provides Speech therapy for Children as well as for Adult.

We use different techniques for different Goals. We helps them emphatically not sympathetically.  

We give Therapy for:

  1. Children :
    1. Delayed Speech and Language Development
    2. Hearing Impairment
    3. Cochlear Implant
    4. Autism
    5. Mental retardation
    6. Specific language impairment
    7. Cerebral Palsy
    8. Attention deficit hyperactive disorder (ADHD)
    9. Cleft Lip Palate
    10. Voice Disorder
    11. Childhood Aphasia
    12. Apraxia of Speech etc.
  2. Adult:
    1. Stuttering/ Stemmering.
    2. Cluttering
    3. Aphasia
    4. Dysarthria
    5. Dysphagia (Swallowing disorder)
    6. Voice Disorder.(Vocal cord Palsy, Vocal Nodule, Vocal polyp etc.

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